After a Fire

The days, weeks and months following your evacuation may be very difficult for you and you family. It may be a matter of cleaning up your household and land or you may need to completely rebuild and replace your home and possessions, depending on your loss. This time can also leave you with many questions concerning retuning, cleaning, rebuilding and getting help; for further information on these matters view the following sections,


Animal Information


Agricultural Recovery


Cleanup Information


Coping, Counseling and Community Relief Organizations


Erosion Control


Financial Asistance


Fire Safe Demonstration Gardens


Insurance Information


Rebuilding and Rental Damage


Replacing Personal Documents and Personal Property


Returning Home


Water and Food



Información sobre los animales

El proceso de limpieza de su hogar y propiedad


Proceso de recuperación, apoyo sicológico y organizaciones comunitarias que brinda ayuda


Asistencia financiera


Información sobre seguros


Reconstrucción o reparación de su vivienda después de un incendio


El reemplazo de documentos y bienes personales


El regreso al hogar 


Precauciones con los alimentos después de un incendio: Qué guardar y qué tirar


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You and
Your Property